Social Science Research

Social Science Research Services

For some organizations, market research does not adequately address their specific needs. Instead, they have to understand individuals, households or groups relate to the organizations services. No questionnaire template exists, or it needs to be substantially modified. Assistance is needed with proposals. Whether the study is needs assessment, constituent profile, family processes, TSR can provide the academic quality consulting required.

Services offered in Social Science Research include:

  • Academic quality literature reviews
  • Proposal and grant-writing
  • Evidence-based research plans
  • Research design
  • Survey instrument design
  • Training of research staff and interviewers
  • Development of analytic plans and report content
  • Analysis and interpretation of study findings
  • Presentation of findings suitable for government agencies and other formal settings.
  • Conference papers and academic publications
  • Trade publications and white papers in language suitable for those not in the field.

Areas of specialization:

  • Family demography and sociology: lifestyle, health behavior, impact of divorce, the elderly.
  • Attitudinal and behavioral research
  • Deviant behaviors, drug and alcohol use
  • Commuter behavior
  • Workplace behavior
  • K-12 education

Please feel free to call or email and discuss your research needs, at no obligation.