Grant Preparation Support

New!! We now offer a new service: assistance in preparation of grants, with a specialization in the US Federal government’s SF424(R&R) application. This complex document takes dozens and dozens of hours to master, so save yourself the time and the stress, plus get expert advice on how to proceed. This application is required for National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant applications, Department of Energy (DOE) and others.

Our Approach

This work is collaborative. You do the science (whether it’s biological, engineering, behavioral or social science); leave the rest to us. We work with you to…

  • Identify grant opportunities.
  • Contact the Program Official.
  • Draft and review all ‘attachments’.
  • Draft an initial human subjects protocol.
  • Develop subcontract relationships with data collection vendors.
  • Draft a survey instrument (questionnaire).
  • Develop a budget.
  • Read the research strategy.
  • Answer questions as they arise.
  • Contact us to start an initial conversation at no obligation. Whether you are seeking an R01, or an SBIR, this help is for you.
  • The cost varies according to grant application, and will include the cost of the hours plus a bonus if the award is successful.
  • Academics – if you don’t have this kind of support in your institution, ask for grant preparation funding.