TechSociety Research provides in-depth research, analysis and consulting for any organization seeking customized research and analysis. TSR serves the high tech industry, Internet, social service organizations, public utilities and other organizations. TSR follows a best practices methodology for research design and implementation. We specialize in two broad areas of custom research, and also a specialization in grant support:

Our Approach

  • In-depth discussions with client about project background, objectives and internal customers.
  • Development of appropriate strategy – qualitative, quantitative or both.
  • Literature reviews for content or methodology.
  • Identification of appropriate methodology – CATI telephone, Internet survey, mail, executive interviews, ethnography and more.
  • Design of the sampling plan (which people, how many, acquisition of sample)
  • Development of the questionnaire (survey/guide development with an eye on the analysis)
  • Production of tabs and toplines
  • Statistical analysis of data and/or analysis of verbatims (text)
  • Scoping of reporting and presentation requirements
  • Establishment of project management protocols and contacts
  • Onsite presentation in seminar-style discussion

No job too small

  • Even the smallest of businesses can acquire necessary market insight for marketing, product development, customer research, etc.
  • Even the largest of companies can get the flexibility and quality they need.
  • Our fees are highly reasonable.
  • We serve small companies with the same attention we give Fortune 500 companies.