Principal and Founder

baseball350Dr. Leora E. Lawton founded TechSociety Research in 1997. She enjoys proposal development, research design and questionnaire design for creative research projects, and performing statistical analysis to glean the most insight possible from quantitative data. She also has extensive experience in online survey research projects, and performed product development for an online survey software technology. Her primary area of expertise is consumer behavior studies, including customer satisfaction and retention, brand, profiles, product development and advertising effectiveness, but has done numerous studies regarding employee and workplace issues and social behavioral studies. She also enjoys qualitative work for a change of pace and advises integrating qualitative insight into quantitative results.

Dr. Lawton received her bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and her doctorate in sociology and demography from Brown University. She previously worked as research analyst and consultant at Bellcore, NJ, Technology Forecasters, Inc., Prognostics, Informative and Freeman-Sullivan. She is a published author of trade and academic articles and books. Recently she decided that she wanted to teach again, and is now a lecturer in demography and an NIH grant specialist at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Research Analyst:  Ron Lawton prepares reports, identifies patterns in survey responses, performs quality control and graphic design. He has a BA in mathematics, with a minor in Art, from the University of California, Berkeley.