About TSR

TechSociety Research is your source for customized, creative marketing and social science research. The TSR approach is a combination of academic quality with the down-to-earth practical experience of research for action-oriented businesses and organizations. (Follow the link to Services for more detail.) Adherence to best practices in research, ability to meet deadlines, effective communication to a wide variety of audiences, and an unusual depth of insight are the characteristics of TSR projects.

No project is too small. Larger projects may involve teaming with other seasoned professionals. The result will always be the most cost effective and high quality result. In this way we can compete with the big firms: they are expensive and inflexible. TSR analysts have time to think about your project, and ultimately, that is what we are paid to do: think.

In other firms most of the work is done by junior staff, often with no formal training in research methods or analysis. They follow cookie-cutter approaches to your unique situation. Not at TSR: every project is greeted with curiosity and only those with at least 10 years experience and formal training work on your project.