Since 1997, TechSociety Research has provided consumer and social research to a discerning clientele. Each consulting engagement combines the best of proven research and marketing practices with an inquisitive and creative approach. The result is more than just a statement of findings: clients receive an accurate, well-founded presentation of strategies and tactics.

How do we do that? TSR combines a technique of behavioral modeling and best practices in research to provide the unique solution, rather than a one size fits nobody very well solution. Founder and Principal Leora Lawton, Ph.D., received superior training in sociological and demographic research methodologies. In addition, her background in social psychology and family studies, plus 20 years in sociological and consumer-oriented (including B2B) research, have given her a highly effective method for approaching problems faced by clients.

Dr. Leora Lawton, Techsociety Research’s founder, is a member of AAPOR and adheres to its ethical code of behavior and commitment to high standards of research practice.
TechSociety Research is a certified WBE by the California Public Utilities Commission, and a Small Business by the State of California.